Digital Signage Services

Cooperation: holistic customer experience

In retail, customer experiences and impulse purchases are not only created by a specific channel, but rather by a combination of different perceptions in the shop (seeing, hearing, smelling and touching). All these perceptions are to be mapped holistically and intelligently controlled in the long term with use2go. The link between advertising screens and music powered by MUSIC2BIZ as well as customer announcements via audio speakers is a logical step in this direction.

Content Management System

All digital signage content in one central location: Manage images and videos directly in the cloud.

Networked real-time data

Have digital signage content automatically changed by other information systems, e.g. prices or waiting times.

Campaign automation

Campaigns with dynamism and intelligence - Data decides in real time which content is played out

Manage content flexibly

Manage a variety of digital advertising media in different locations

Key Benefits powered by MUSIC2BIZ

Holistic synchronised coordination between visual and audio-visual advertising content in a variety of stores. User-friendly control of visual digital signage content and audio-visual MUSIC2BIZ channels in a single user interface.

Key Benefits powered by MUSIC2BIZ

Automatic change of audio channels depending on time of day, visitor frequency and visitor demographics. Possibility of displaying and announcing customer information depending on the shop's visitor frequency.

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