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Cooperation: Integration of MUSIC2BIZ

Axis has chosen to integrate the MUSIC2BIZ streaming service into its network speaker technology.

AXIS C1004-E

Network Cabinet Speaker

AXIS C1310

Network Cabinet Speaker

AXIS C1410

Network Mini Speaker

AXIS C2005

Network Ceiling Speaker

Network audio systems

Axis offers complete network audio systems including speakers, microphone consoles, audio bridges, and audio management software. We provide network audio systems for background music and announcements, public address and security purposes. The Axis Networkspeaker-System is an all-in-one speaker system connected via a single network cable. It is immediately ready for use and offers high sound quality even without fine tuning. The Axis Audio Player is a pre-installed application that allows you to play back background music. An integrated SD memory card or audio streaming service lets you create your own playlists with a schedule. The Networkspeaker-System is also ideal for announcements (planned or live messages). Thanks to the integrated audio synchronization technology, the speaker ranges can be matched to each other.

Sound from any source

The Axis Network Audio Bridge is a smart and easy solution that connects and combine analog and network audio systems. You’ll be able to play music from analog sources in your Axis network audio system. With the Axis Network Audio Bridge, you can connect analog audio sources to Axis network speakers. So you can play music from cell phones, tablets, computers, or a professional music streaming box, for example. On the other hand, you can also connect any digital source to your analog speaker system. That means you can take advantage of the Axis Audio Player application to schedule playlists with music and voice and play prerecorded announcements. Or you can make unscheduled announcements via your VoIP system. And you can use smart zoning to send the right music and announcement to the right speakers at the right time.

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